Monday Nights Are Wild On WLRN-TV!

Jun 13, 2014

Starting at 8 p.m. on Monday, June 16, tune in for a night of nature with beavers, lions and orangutans taking the spotlight.

Nature: Leave it to Beavers (8:00 p.m.)

Beaver among the lily pads/medium head shot. Ontario, Canada.
Credit © Michael Runtz

The beaver, more than any other animal, is responsible for creating fertile landscapes across North America, but it hasn’t gotten much recognition for that accomplishment until now. A growing number of scientists, conservationists and grass-roots environmentalists have come to regard beavers as overlooked tools in reversing the effects of global warming and world-wide water shortages. These industrious rodents are adept at controlling water and have been doing so for thousands of years.

Wild! Lions Behaving Badly (9:00 p.m.)

Wild! Lions Behaving Badly

Instead of ambushing their prey and quickly dispatching with a clean bite to the throat, these lions wrestle their victim to the ground and tuck in before the hapless beast is dead, meaning a slow and painful death. Are these lions behaving badly, or is it simply that this is what lions do?

Orangutan Diary (10:00 p.m.)

Two young Forest School orangutans enjoy some fruit on the forest floor.
Credit © Mark MacEwen

The second installment of the dramatic story of rescued and orphaned orangutans in Borneo.  All over the island, their forests are being destroyed and being replaced with palm oil plantations. Michaela Strachan and Steve Leonard help babies Lomon, Grendon and Ellie learn how to behave like wild orangutans. It is a tough job - six years of love and education that their mothers would have provided in the wild. Lomon is one of the weakest orphans of all, and when a serious virus starts to spread at the centre, Michaela fears that he may not survive.