Mike Carroll Is Named Interim Head Of The Department Of Children and Families

Apr 29, 2014

On Monday, Governor Rick Scott announced Mike Carroll as his nominee to be the next interim Secretary of the Department of Children and Families. The state senate must approve his nomination.
Credit Department of Children and Families

Florida’s child protective agency’s new designated leader comes from within the troubled agency. Mike Carroll currently runs the Department of Children and Families operations in Tampa and Southwest Florida. What does his nomination mean about the direction of the agency? We speak with Carroll and the Miami Herald's Carol Marbin Miller.  

Florida parents, school kids and teachers await to see what next school year’s assessment test focused on Common Core State Standards will be. While they wait, they’re watching New York state parents opting out of Common Core testing.

And in this final hectic week of the legislative session, many rushed by a display of Confederate flags, in the same spot where a Nativity scene and Festivus pole had garnered so much attention last year. Why were the Stars and Bars in the state capitol?