Miami School Takes A Field Trip To Wynwood For An Art Basel Education

Dec 8, 2012

Riding a bike by the AdjustGallery on NW 24th Street and Second Avenue in Miami's Wynwood area, I saw a peculiar sight.

A flood of school children was overflowing the gallery and spilling into the street. A field trip to a street art capital? Isn't "street artist" a profession they teach you not to be in when you grow up?

I had to investigate.

Turns out the gallery curator, Aric Weis, still has close ties with Aventura's Highland Oaks Middle School, long after passing though its doors.

Art teacher Ms. Weiss (no relation, nor typo) said she was approached by Aric a few weeks ago and that he even got a bus donated to help transport the students.

She admits that in the classroom her curriculum is more classical-based, but street and contemporary art tend to get a different reaction from the students. “It's definitely not [the usual art.] It's very contemporary, and very fresh.  It is something that happens from moment to moment... and while I don't really teach this kind of art, this was an excellent venue and a great experience for them,” she said.

The Flesh Beck crew from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had works on display inside and outside the building. Inspired by New York graffiti legend Blade, who is in town but was not present, the crew has transformed the building's facade.  Under their direction, the kids themselves were encouraged to try it out. 

There was a large wooden plank on the sidewalk where students could try their hand at the street art style.  “The kids were just wide-eyed, and having a lot of fun.. They were taking a lot of pictures and they were very excited about it,” Ms. Weiss added.  “Even on the way in they were seeing artists working on walls in this neighborhood. They love it.”

Just don't try this at home, kids.