From Miami To The Middle East: Journalist Nathan Deuel On His New Memoir

Jun 3, 2014


Journalist Nathan Deuel grew up in South Florida, but in 2008 he and his wife, Kelly McEvers, moved to the Middle East. 

Journalist Nathan Deuel chatted with WLRN about fatherhood, the Middle East and Miami.
Credit Sammy Mack / WLRN

During their five years abroad, they had their first child and McEvers became NPR’s Baghdad bureau chief. The family moved around the region as the Arab Spring erupted. 

Deuel has written a memoir about that experience, called "Friday Was The Bomb." He’ll be speaking tonight at Books & Books in Coral Gables at 8 p.m. 

Deuel sat down with WLRN to talk about fatherhood, the Middle East and Miami. You can hear that conversation in the player above. 

And you can hear him read an excerpt from his memoir here: