Miami Beach Couple Desperate To Get Married Resorts To Reddit Over “Buzzkill” Florida Bureaucracy

Oct 13, 2012

We spotted this touching (and slightly bizarre) plea on Reddit from "cosmicbrownies2," and couldn’t resist helping spread the word.

Can anyone PLEASE marry us this weekend!?

My girlfriend and I have known each other for eight years. We finally made plans to get married and today was to be the day. I had a nice hand bouquet made for her and we got dressed up all dapper and went to the Clerk's office only to find out that our license wouldn't be valid for three days! Our five year old daughter was with us, and she was excited for the past several days as we hyped up getting married. She looked up at us and said "Mommy and daddy aren't getting married today?" And we had to tell her "No baby, not for three days." :(

The clerk isn't open on Saturday and my girlfriend is still suffering from the major buzzkill thanks to silly Florida bureaucracy. I would love to tell her that we don't have to wait till Monday and that we can be wed this weekend, but I don't know anyone that can do it!

Please Reddit, is there anyone out there than can help us out this weekend and make us the happiest couple in the world? We live in Miami Beach.

The post generated 47 up votes and some bemused commentary that this must be a first for an Internet bulletin board better known for generating chatter than marrying couples.

The couple ended up connecting with an ordained minister named “littlemeggers,” and the marriage appears to be set for Saturday. The oohs and ahhs followed:

kicksticks: we're all expecting updates.... lol