Medicaid Expansion, Dolphins Stadium: What You Should Know From This Week's News

Mar 22, 2013

Join us for a conversation about the week's news on The Florida Roundup, live at noon, for an all-staff show during the pledge drive. 

We’ll hear excerpts from our interview with Governor Rick Scott as he answers our questions--and yours--on his political transformation, Medicaid expansion, gun control, teacher pay and other issues.   WLRN staff give you context to understand Scott’s comments.  Plus, we'll look at the latest announcement by the Dolphins: that they won't use tax money for stadium renovations unless South Florida gets Super Bowl 50 or 51.  

Host Phil Latzman speaks with WLRN’s Gina Jordan, Sammy Mack, Arianna Prothero and Terence Shepherd.

Be part of the conversation here from noon to one.