A Medic, A Murder, A Double Dose of Drama

Jan 28, 2018

8pm DOC MARTIN - Comedy/Drama 

IN LOCO: Louisa is up for promotion to head teacher, but Martin is on the board of governors and may go against her.

An outbreak of what the Doc suspects is Impetigo leads to problems for Louisa, who must decide whether to follow the Doc's orders to force the infected children to stay at home, or to help the parents by allowing the children to attend school. The decision is made harder by her impending interview to take over the job of Head Teacher - in front of a board of governors that (to his surprise) includes Doc Martin. Meanwhile, an accident in the Fish and Chip shop leaves Bert behind the fryers and the owner's son, Peter, in need of somewhere to stay while his mother is in hospital. His first choice is with none other than a certain Doctor Martin Ellingham.

9pm BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES - Crime Drama - Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd probes murder mysteries in a New Zealand country town.

Sour Grapes: The annual Brokenwood wine show is a major event and having bought a 10-acre block with maturing grapes, no one is looking forward to it more than Detective Mike Shepherd. But when a guest judge and wine critic is found dead inside a fermenting vat, the show takes second place to the murder investigation.