Martin Clunes Goes Down Under

May 12, 2017

Sunday at 8pm  

MARTIN CLUNES: ISLANDS OF AUSTRALIA - Travel - With more than 8,000 islands to choose from, Martin visits sixteen which provide a fascinating insight into the diversity, history and challenges of island life in Australia. 

“I’m on an 8,000 mile odyssey right around the continent, to discover what these far-flung places tell us about Australia and its people,” Martin explains. “Each island is a microcosm that tells us something different about our world. Australia’s islands have it all: exotic creatures, spectacular marine life, and of course the different people who inhabit them."


 May 14th at 8pm 

Martin begins his odyssey by flying 600kilometres east over the Pacific Ocean to Lord Howe Island. It’s his first experience of Australia’s remote island communities: the pace of life is slow and the population is a steady 350. Martin is introduced to the treasures of a place that was untouched by humans until Europeans accidentally stumbled across it in 1788. Norfolk Island is Martin’s next stop. It is Australia’s most easterly territory, and the remotest island on Martin’s journey. Martin arrives in time for the annual Foundation Day ceremony, when islanders re-enact the landing of the First Fleet boatload of convicts in 1788. 

Martin Clunes with the locals in Norfolk Island

'My visit to Norfolk Island was quite extraordinary, because I had never felt so famous. It was like being one of The Beatles,' he said. 

 May 21st at 8pm 

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Arafura Sea, 16 miles off the Australian coast, lies one of the nation’s most exotic, colorful destinations. On the next leg of his journey Martin travels to the heart of the tropical north to a destination known as the “the islands of smiles” – the Tiwi Islands. 


Clunes hangs out with real-life Robinson Crusoe Dave Glasheen on Restoration Island.

May 28th at 8pm 

 Martin begins the next part of his journey on Mundoo Island. Located in the mouth of Australia’s longest river, the Murray, it is an island farm. Its unique combination of succulent saltmarsh plants and life giving fresh water make it ideal for beef cattle.  Mundoo Island has provided shelter and a way of life for five generations of one farming family: the Grundys. 

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Martin Clunes gets to get grips with fish, convicts and a real-life Robinson Crusoe in Islands of Australia