Lynn University To Become 'Mini-United Nations' During Debate

Oct 15, 2012

A week from today, news outlets from all over the world are expected to converge upon Boca Raton's Lynn University for the third and final Presidential Debate of 2012.

And it looks like some foreign journalists won't be needing their pocket English dictionaries as much as they thought.

International students from more than 80 countries make up nearly a quarter of Lynn's student body. University officials say they've worked hard to locate students who will be able to serve as translators.

"We're like a little mini-U.N. or even a New York City,"  says Lynn University spokesman, Joshua Glanzer.  "You know they say, what is it, 85 languages or something like that are spoken in New York City?  We're like that.  We have dozens and dozens are languages spoken here.  So it's a unique opportunity for us to showcase that."

The final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney will focus on foreign affairs.

Editor's Note: WLRN is taking the Florida Roundup to Lynn University the Friday before the debate, for a Presidential Debate Special, hosted by Phil Latzman.  To reserve a seat for the Florida Roundup at Lynn on Oct. 19, please visit this link: TFR at Lynn.