Love To Hate This Doctor

Nov 8, 2017

8pm - DOC MARTIN: Going Bodmin - Comedy/Drama

Fall in love with Doc Martin all over again in this premiere episode from Season One.

It's the cantankerous doctor with the questionable bedside manner who's behavior can be so rude, it's like tripping someone on crutches.  As rude as he is, he's a brilliant doctor who makes us laugh at all his social imperfections.  

Martin Clunes stars as  Dr. Martin Ellingham, a successful London surgeon who decides to relocate to the seaside village of Portwenn to practice medicine as a GP.  His reasons for doing so are his own and even his Aunt Joan, who lives locally, isn't quite sure what his motivation is. As Martin settles into the village he comes across the village characters: Bert Large and his son, who as general handymen, take on fixing the plumbing in Martin's house; Colonel Gilbert Spencer who has a peculiar medical condition; and Louisa Glasson, the local school teacher who also happens to be the only member of the local medical advisory committee to argue against Martin's hiring in the first place. Martin's gruff demeanor and poor bedside manner brings him into conflict with several locals and he seriously considers packing it in.

9pm MIDSOMER MURDERS: The Axeman Cometh - Crime Drama

IN THIS EPISODE Barnaby really plays guitar and sings!


Barnaby dusts off his old LPs and reminisces about his younger days as a member of a rock band, (much to the amusement of Jones) when his former rock idols "Hired Gun" reunite to play the Midsomer Rock Festival. Backstage, however, the old tensions which caused the group to split quickly resurface and there is still the unexplained mystery of the band member who disappeared 30 years ago. It becomes evident that not everyone shares Barnaby's enthusiasm for the group when one of their members is electrocuted on stage at their opening gig. Barnaby has to cast aside his his fan cloak for his professional one to investigate.

10:30 pm THE CAFE - Comedy Drama - Three generations of a family play host to customers at a seafront cafe in this warm and funny observational comedy series. 

FRAGILE/HANDLE WITH CARE - It’s a big day for Sarah’s friends and family as they wait to find out how her meeting with a literary agent in Bristol has gone. The first person Sarah calls to share her news with is Richard, but why isn’t he answering his phone? Today is also the day that Brenda Kiely makes her formal offer to Carol for the lease of Cyril’s, but if that wasn’t enough for Carol to worry about it seems she has even bigger concerns. Where is Stan? He always comes in every day with fresh cuttings for her and everyone has noticed that he hasn’t been in today. Has something happened between them? What will this mean for their friendship?