Anniversary Of The Earthquake In Haiti And Spotlight On Poet Richard Blanco

Jan 11, 2013

On The Florida Roundup:  Saturday marks the third anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  How has it affected us in South Florida, home to the nation’s largest Haitian diaspora?   We take your calls on what you have seen in Haiti and what responsibility we have to this country less than 700 miles away.   Why has development been so slow after so many promises?

Above is a neighborhood in Haiti before the earthquake. One caller, Henryka of Coral Gables, who has worked in Haiti for the past 4 years, says the focus should not be on reconstructing what was there, but building something better.
Credit waterdotorg

Venezuelans here anxiously await word on the worsening health of President Hugo Chavez, and wonder what might happen next as he misses his inauguration.

President Obama has chosen Richard Blanco, the first Latino and the first gay person to deliver the inaugural poem.  Blanco grew up in Miami.

The governor meets with the Obama Administration’s top healthcare official to discuss ways to implement the Affordable Care Act in Florida. But did Rick Scott purposely mislead the public when it comes to costs for the healthcare law?

Phil Latzman speaks with panelists Eliott Rodriguez of WFOR-TV Channel 4, Nicole Linsalata of WSVN-TV Channel 7, and Brian Bandell of the South Florida Business Journal.