Learn the Magic of the Snowy Owl on Nature on WLRN-TV

Aug 22, 2014

Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl (8:00 pm)

 A team of intrepid filmmakers provides an intimate look at the snowy owl, a bird made popular by Harry Potter's faithful companion Hedwig. Though "snowies" naturally stand out for their beauty, intelligence and charm, in their eerie, bleak Arctic home it is their determination and survival skills that are truly magical.

My Wild Affair - The Seal Who Came Home (9:00 pm)

THE SEAL WHO CAME HOME tells the amazing story of Harbourmaster Harry Goodridge and Andre, an abandoned seal pup Harry found when Andre was abandoned at only a few days old and decided to bring him home to nurse him back to health. This is the story of a unique friendship that started with a special bond between Andre and and his rescuer, who the seal looked to as his ‘mother'. 

Untamed Legacy: America's Wild Mustang (10:00 pm)

The documentary focuses on the wild mustang’s survival and struggles as resources diminish. It is shot in parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Nevada and New Mexico. Untamed Legacy: America’s Wild Mustang chronicles a mustang named Charlie on his journey from the wild to his new home in Alabama, and all the people whose lives he touches along the way.