Last Days of Man: Top Ten Ways to Extinction. Are you curious? Then watch WLRN-TV

Aug 18, 2014

Last Days of Man: Top Ten Ways to Extinction - Threats from Mankind (9:00 pm)

Synthetic Biology
Credit APT

Five additional potential threats to our survival are explored, starting with one of the worst nuclear disasters yet - Chernobyl. From the abandoned city of Pripyat and the Chernobyl disaster, things go from bad to worse as scientists and other experts count down risks and race to find solutions to other threats that include climate catastrophes, doomsday wars, robots who use their artificial intelligence to outsmart us, and synthetic biology gone bad.

The Spice Trail (10:00 pm)

Kate Humble

Kate Humble embarks on a journey around the fabled spice islands of eastern Indonesia in search of two spices that launched epic voyages of discovery, caused bloody wars and shaped empires - nutmeg and cloves. These two spices, grown on an archipelago of tiny volcanic islands, drew European explorers in search of unbelievable wealth, but also led to massacres of local people and the decimation of their culture. Kate meets the people who have rebuilt their lives and communities around the cultivation and trade of nutmeg and cloves, takes her place on one of the fastest production lines in the world, and discovers how the battle for these two spices led to the beginning of the British Empire in North America.