Kitchen Grease Will Fuel Broward's Waste-Water Treatment Plant

May 28, 2014

  Fats, oils and grease from your favorite restaurant in Broward County will be converted to produce energy for its waste-water treatment plant in Pompano Beach.

The project, which launched last week, will impact the community both economically and environmentally.   

“We are looking at a savings of $27 million over the 17-year period,” says Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief.

Mayor Sharief says this process will create more than 400 jobs, reduce emissions that pollute the air by 30 percent and energy consumption for the county.  

Broward and Chevron Energy have been working on this project for several years.

“They have just developed this technology and refine it to the point where it can be utilized at a treatment facility as large as ours,” says Mayor Sharief.  “So this is why it is the first of its kind.”

The county plans to have the project fully running by 2015.   

Restaurant grease will power Broward County´s waste water treatment plant in Pompano Beach.
Credit Creative Commons / Flickr user pboyd04