9:29 am
Fri June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014: Saving Corals, Latin American Prisoners, VA Hospital Lawsuit

Today on WLRN-Miami Herald News, you heard:

6:31 PM: Florida counties decide how to split the costs of detaining juvenile offenders...International rights groups ramp up their criticism of Venezuela's socialist government.
5:30 PM: New York's Ballet Hispanico comes to the Arsht Center - and teams up with a Miami choreographer.
5:04 PM: Florida students' FCAT scores show continued improvement...Florida prison inmates are serving more of their sentences than inmates in other states do.

4:30 PM: How Florida helped the Allies prepare for D-Day.

4:04 PM: Florida officially sues the the federal Veterans Affairs Department for access to information on hospitals...Miami-Dade County considers leasing public library space to private businesses to increase revenues.

1:04 PM: An unusual number of Americans are behind bars in Latin America these days in legally controversial - and politically complicated - cases...Miami's WPBT and Palm Beach's WXEL have announced a public television merger to create South Florida PBS.

A Miami-based choreographer teams up with the country's top Latino dance company -- and channels her inner 'Show Girl.'

Latin American prisoner swaps are not as easy as some people would like them to be.
Alook back at South Florida when troops trained here for D-Day during World War II.

A last-minute effort to save Miami corals.