Miami Dolphins Fishing For A Stadium Renovation

Jan 18, 2013

On the Florida Roundup: The Miami Dolphins ask the public to go halfsies with them in a $400 million proposition to improve the Sun Life Stadium. But is hosting a Super Bowl really worth it? A skeptical public might be tougher to persuade after the Marlins ballpark deal.  

We take your calls on whether public money fund the stadium facelift.  

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says Miami is unlikely to get the 2016 Super Bowl unless the Sun Life stadium is updated.
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We’re getting closer to Florida’s annual lawmaking session, which begins in March. Bills are already flying in Tallahassee, many related to Stand Your Ground and gun control, and the NRA won’t be sitting back. 

More than three quarters of the $306 million spent in state campaigns last election cycle skirted the state’s laws restricting campaign donations.  One proposal to control the flow: get rid of the restrictions.  That is the suggestion by one ethics advocacy group in testimony before a state elections committee this week. 

Host Phil Latzman speaks with panelists Steve Litz of NBC 6, Mary Ellen Klas of The Miami Herald and Michael Mayo of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.