Jealousy and Scandal Lead To Murder

Aug 7, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Drama - As Australia faces internal and external threats to its way of life so too do the people of Inverness, and previous alliances and relationships are tested. 


The Love Undeniable: Elizabeth and Douglas' relationship grows to the point where he asks her on an overseas trip as more than friends, and to accept his offer, she just needs to meet him at Carolyn's apartment, but when he arrives, he's disappointed when she isn't there, ignorant to the fact that she has suffered a heart attack and is unconscious in the apartment. Anna and Gino make up and she reveals to him that she has received a book offer from Angus & Robertson, who want to publish her novel. James learns that baby George isn't his son, and in the heat of the moment, sleeps with Dr. Henry. Olivia, after learning of her husband's infidelity, packs her bags, takes her son and pursues a plight to find Lloyd. Jack learns that Carolyn was raped by Sir Richard, and is called into questioning by police after allegations are made that he is performing backyard abortions. George learns that Sarah considered having an abortion, and he reveals that he loves her, and that, when she is ready, he will divorce Regina to be with her. After learning that George is still in love with Sarah, Regina poisons Sarah's tonic with rat poison. 

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