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Apr 18, 2014

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Weapons of World War II: Fighter Bombers (8:00 pm)

Weapons of World War II

By 1944, the Allied fronts in both western and eastern Europe had become faster moving and a new form of aircraft was needed to deliver swift, powerful attacks against German lines. This program looks at the key fighter-bombers on all sides, including the American Thunderbolt, the Russian Sturmovik, and the British Hurricane developed to carry bombs and rockets for ground attack purposes.

Weapons of World War II: Heavy Bombers (8:30 pm)

At the outbreak of World War II, the only heavy four engined bombers in the war were either Russian or American. Soon the Short Stirling, the Avro Lancaster, and the Liberator were added to the B-17 Flying Fortress for devastating 1000 bomber raids over Germany. Ultimately, the pressurized B-29 gave the Americans the range and height they required in order to drop the Atomic bomb.

The War “The Ghost Front” (9:00 pm)

American infantrymen secure an area on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. March 1944.
Credit National Archives (111-SC-189099)

By December 1944, Americans have become weary of the war their young men have been fighting for three long years; the stream of newspaper headlines telling of new losses and telegrams bearing bad news from the War Department seem endless and unendurable.