It’s Drama Every Friday Night On WLRN-TV!

May 8, 2014

Starting at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, May 9, WLRN brings you the conclusion of Amnesia, then stay and watch Scott and Bailey & Dalziel and Pascoe.

Amnesia (8:00 pm)

Actress Jemma Redgrave in Amnesia

Tune in for the conclusion of this gripping psychological thriller that follows the crumbling life of Detective Sergeant "Mack" Stone, a black-out drunk, and his dangerous obsession with an unsolved mystery. While investigating the disappearance of his wife, Stone, losing his grip on reality, hones in on amnesia patient John Dean and pursues him relentlessly. But, as Stone's behavior becomes more erratic, his claims seem less credible – leaving him to question his own memory. A suspenseful story packed with intricate twists, this intelligent drama will keep audiences guessing until the very end, as the two flawed protagonists move towards their thrilling final confrontation.

Scott & Bailey (9:30 pm)

Scott and Bailey

In a retrospective episode set immediately after the events of series two, Rachel faces further accusations of masterminding the fatal attack on ex-lover Nick and finds comfort in the arms of ever-faithful Sean, agreeing to marry him. Amid the wedding celebrations, Janet and Ade admit defeat and decide to split up for good, while Gill is duty bound to take action when she catches Pete in a compromising position. The detectives also investigate the case of a businessman suspected of murdering a tramp.

Dalziel and Pascoe - Exit Line, Part 1 (10:30 pm)

Dalziel and Pascoe

After a drunken evening at a top country restaurant with his friend the bookmaker, Arnie Bancroft, and smooth-talking Major Kassell, Dalziel’s car is involved in an accident. An elderly cyclist is knocked over and killed. But who was driving: Dalziel or Bancroft?