Hurricane Andrew: Your Stories, Collected Here

Aug 25, 2012

We received several hundred responses when we called out to our audience for stories about Hurricane Andrew.  As we learned while doing the “Remembering Andrew” project, people who experienced Hurricane Andrew still have vivid memories they are eager to share.

Download and read a .PDF file of all of the responses we collected, with the help of the Miami Herald, via the Public Insight Network or PIN.  PIN allows us to make our audience a part of our reporting.

It relies on your personal experiences and expertise. Those who sign up receive an email about once a month, with a couple of questions on knowledge they may have of relevant and important topics.  Our PIN journalist, Deborah Acosta, sifts through responses.  Some respondents eventually become part of our reporting as they have during the “Remembering Andrew” project.

For example, Deborah Gray Mitchell’s story about ice and how wonderful it was to have a cool drink of water in the days after Hurricane Andrew came to us via the PIN.  So did Debbie Wehking, Irene Chen, and Virginia and Eduardo De Varona’s stories about things lost and found after the storm. And those are just a few example of many from the “Remembering Andrew” series.