How Most College Students Would Prefer To Vote

Oct 19, 2012

Forget booths and absentee ballots.

College students would rather vote using their thumbs, according to a study conducted by telecommunications giant AT&T.

AT&T conducted the survey on one of the most politically galvanized campuses in the nation -- Lynn University in Boca Raton.  American politics have played a major role at Lynn since last fall, when the university was chosen to host the last Presidential debate of 2012.

Out of nearly 300 students surveyed, 58 percent say they would use smartphones to cast their ballot if "mobile voting" were available.

The study also found:

-- 79 percent of Lynn University students are more likely to vote in November because they follow a presidential candidate on Twitter or Facebook.

-- 93 percent said it is important for presidential candidates to use social media to connect with the public.

-- 87 percent said it is "somewhat important" or "very important" to discuss political or public issues via social media.

The survey was conducted by Lynn University Assistant Professor Stephanie Jackson and a group of student volunteers.

“With all we hear about the apathy of this generation, it was shocking to me how many of them said, ‘Yes, I get my political information online, through Twitter, through social media and even on news network websites,’ " Jackson says.

A complete list of the survey findings can be found here: AT&T 2012 Survey: Mobile America's Student Vote.