Hitler and His Deadly Weapons

Dec 3, 2017

8pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - Explore how the Nazis built some of the biggest, deadliest pieces of military technology.


HITLER'S KILLER SUBS - How Nazi Germany planned a submarine capable of unprecedented underwater speeds and phenomenal firepower, outperforming anything that had gone before: the streamlined, silent and deadly Type 21 U-Boat

 9pm WORLD WAR II: The Price of Empire - History 

THE BEGINNING OF THE END -The momentum behind the allies increases as the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.

The Allied leaders, including Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, are confident enough to meet for the first conference in which the coordination of their efforts is discussed, at Casablanca. As 1943 moves into 1944 the momentum behind the Allies simply increases. An entire Japanese Division is destroyed at sea (The Battle of the Bismark Sea) and the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.  

 10pm DARK CHARISMA OF ADOLF HITLER - History - Despite the damage Adolf Hitler caused the world, he was once loved by many.

Adolf Hitler seemed an unlikely leader - fuelled by anger, incapable of forming normal human relationships and unwilling to debate political issues. Such was the depth of his hatred that he would become a war criminal arguably without precedent in history.

Yet this strange character was once loved by millions. How was this possible, and what role did Hitler's alleged 'charisma' play in his success?

 With the help of testimony from those who lived through those times, film archive - including color home movies - and specially-shot documentary footage, this film reveals how Hitler managed to turn from a nobody in 1913 - someone thought 'peculiar' - into the chancellor and fuhrer of the German people.