Hialeah Presents WLRN With Awards Of Merit

Nov 14, 2012

Earlier this month some of our WLRN staff got notification that the City of Hialeah wanted to issue a proclamation for our remarkable new documentary The Hialeah Speedway: No Guts, No Glory.

Some of us didn't quite know what was coming.

Those who didn't grow up in Hialeah might not be aware of the significance of the speedway.  But upon entering City Hall for the City Council meeting, we were quickly reminded about the impact that our documentary has had-- and will continue to have-- on the community.  The track was once a centerpiece of Hialeah, but one that was tragically shut down as a product of the city's growth.

Inside City Hall, Council Vice President Luis Gonzalez approached WLRN's Adrienne Kennedy, the show's Executive Producer, and Debra Hall-Green, the show's Producer.  He shared some of his fondest memories of going to the track on the weekends.  Others gathered around and shared stories of hearing the cars echoing in the neighborhood, of sneaking in for a peak on the weekend and more.

Once the meeting officially started, the Awards were the first thing on the agenda.  Mayor Carlos Hernandez gave a heartfelt thank you to those who helped bring the project together, and his surprise encounter with the documentary while flipping through the channels one night.  Awards of Merit were granted to WLRN's special projects manager Adrienne Kennedy, and Producer Debra Hall-Green for their  leadership and contribution towards the development of this half-hour documentary on the legendary race car track. Other key figures from the community who received awards were Steve Brack and George Poveromo.

We gave five copies of the DVD to the city, and Mayor Hernandez declared that at least one copy shall be given to the Clerk to be kept for historical purposes.

After the picture taking was done, the team was approached by Marla Alpizar of the Department of Libraries  about getting additional copies for the city's library system.

We are very proud of our accomplishments here at WLRN, and even prouder that our efforts can bring smiles and fond memories to a changing community.  It is always important to remember where you come from, and we are honored that our documentary about the Hialeah Speedway drew such emotions from those in the community.

Public service has always been our core value, and we would like to thank the City of Hialeah for these prestigious awards, and for acknowledging our continued efforts to preserve South Florida history.