Gun Control Debate: Is Florida "The Gunshine State"?

Dec 21, 2012

On the Florida Roundup: The tragedy in Connecticut hits home in what some people call “The Gunshine State,”as Florida has over a million concealed weapons permits, the most in the country.    Do you feel safer?  We hear your reaction to Florida’s milestone.  And will gun control be on the agenda in Tallahassee?

With over a million concealed weapons permits, Florida has more than any other state.
Credit Zweroboi

This was a huge week politically as Florida’s former governor, Charlie Crist, sets up to get his old job back.  Now a Democrat, Crist attacked his Republican successor Rick Scott at a U.S. Senate hearing on voting rights.  Both governors had some flip-flops as they remake themselves for the 2014: Crist on gun rights and Scott on election laws

And how would falling off "the cliff" affect our part of the world?

Host Phil Latzman speaks with panelists Michael Grunwald of Time Magazine and Mary Ellen Klas and Juan Vasquez of the Miami Herald.