Gov. Scott Launches Tax Cut Tour In West Palm Beach

Sep 11, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott addresses an audience at the Palm Beach County Convention Center during the kick-off of his It's Your Money tour.
Credit C. DiMattei

“It’s your money, it’s no one else’s money," said Governor Rick Scott to an audience at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. “So we have to spend it in a manner that makes sense.”

The governor launched his “It’s Your Money” tour in West Palm Beach on Tuesday, just days after announcing his plans to cut taxes and fees by $500 million in the 2014 proposed budget.

The governor’s office says the tour offers a chance for Floridians to discuss taxes they want to see reduced.

Kelly Smallridge, president of Palm Beach County’s Business Development Board, says she’s concerned about Florida’s tax on commercial leases.

“Whenever we’re courting a company to come to the state of Florida and Palm Beach County, they’re taking a look at these real estate taxes on leases. And we’re one of the only states that has a tax on commercial leases,” says Smallridge.

In an audience filled mostly with people wearing business suits, Jeff Vogel’s casual polo shirt stood out. The 70-year-old retiree says he found out about the governor’s appearance at the last minute and drove from Boca Raton to make it on time.

“I think the people that spoke were the right ones," says Vogel.  "They’re involved in the issues that the tax has a direct consequence on.  I’m just a voter .  I’m not a businessperson.”

The governor has not been specific about which taxes and fees should be cut.  But some possibilities include rolling back motor vehicle tag fees, slashing a communications services tax applied to cell phones and expanding Florida’s annual sales tax holiday.

Gov. Scott's “It’s Your Money” tour made a second appearance in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday and is scheduled to stop in Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando during the next three days.