Gov. Rick Scott Says Florida Is Taking Care Of Immigrants

Jun 19, 2014

Credit FlickR/Gage Skidmore

  Gov. Rick Scott was in Overtown Thursday to highlight millions in the state budget to help children who were victims of human trafficking.

This year’s state budget will spend $6 million to hire more advocates to help children during court cases. Another $3 million will pay for safe houses and rehabilitation for child victims of trafficking.

Scott also used the opportunity to talk about a new law that allows some undocumented immigrants access to in-state college tuition.

“We’re taking care of our citizens," the Governor said. "We’re making sure, if you grow up in our state, you’re going to get in-state tuition so that you can live the dream, just like I had the opportunity to live the dream coming from poverty to be able to be successful in business.”

The Governor says the federal government has not done enough to secure national borders. But the state is working to help immigrants.

Some undocumented students who attended and graduated high school can access in-state college tuition in at least 17 states.