Frankel Wins Congressional Seat, Pleads: 'Let The Bickering End'

Nov 7, 2012

Lois Frankel Wins District 22

From the moment Lois Frankel took the podium at the Embassy Suites Hotel in West Palm Beach Tuesday night, she kept it classy

“A few moments ago, I received a very, very gracious call from Adam Hasner congratulating me," Frankel told her supporters.   "He was a formidable and articulate challenger.”

Democrat Frankel and Republican Hasner, a former Florida House Majority leader, went head to head for months.  Political watchers call one of the most contentious and expensive Congressional races in Florida.  But now, Frankel is vowing to bridge the partisan gap in Washington to get more help for seniors and the middle class.

“I’m going to be there to make sure you’re going to get that Medicare check every day.  And there are going be good jobs for young people like my son. And of course, investing in our infrastructure, innovation, education – so all our young people have an opportunity.  And, of course, making sure that the women of our country are going to be allowed to make their own personal healthcare decisions.”

That last issue was an important one for Delray Beach voter Daniela Booth.

“I voted for Lois Frankel.  I think we need more women up there," says Booth.  "And I’m certainly not going to put any more Republican or Tea Party people up there to screw around with women’s rights.”

Frankel says that when she gets to Washington, she’s going to roll up her sleeves and reach out her hand to anyone who wants to move the country forward.

"Alright. So listen," Frankel told her cheering supporters.  "I declare. The campaign is over.  Let the bickering end.”

Adam Hasner Loses District 22

Adam Hasner walked out to a crowd of about 50 when he gave his concession speech at a hotel ballroom in Delray Beach.

He said this election was always about the math, and he told the crowd he called his opponent Lois Frankel to congratulate her on the win--which incited some booing from the crowd.

The Republican candidate gave a special thanks to Democrats in the room for crossing party lines to vote for him.