Found In A Warehouse, 963 Broward Ballots Leave Election Results Undisturbed

Nov 13, 2012

Nine hundred sixty-three Broward County residents finally got their votes counted on Monday after their ballots were found forgotten in an elections office warehouse.

Brenda Snipes: 'We've done pretty good.'
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Noting to get excited about, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes told the Sun-Sentinel.  She said it's customary for elections workers to scour the offices and work areas for forgotten ballots after the election.

"It happens," she said. "I think we've done pretty good."

The discovery doesn't appear to have changed any election outcomes though city commission races in Hallandale Beach and Dania Beach remain unsettled with single digit vote margins, in some cases, separating the contenders.

The canvassing board's lawyer agreed, found ballots routinely are added to the vote totals in the days after the official count. But he said he hasn’t seen nearly a thousand ballots turn up since the days of famously incompetent Supervisor Miriam Oliphant a decade ago.

Local Democratic and Republican leaders said it's clear, there needs to be a better system.