Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Lift Open-Container Bans On Beach.. For Today

Jul 4, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

If you’re hoping to enjoy a beer on the beach this Fourth of July, you’ll be able to do so in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood for one day only.

Both cities have announced a one-day exception to their ordinances banning open containers of alcohol on the beach.

The reason for the ban is to keep beach-goers from disrespecting and disrupting the enjoyment of others while visiting the shore, said Fort Lauderdale mayor Jack Seiler. The city lifts the ban for special events.

Seiler added that, if the presence of alcohol on the beach causes disorder, the city may reconsider whether to lift the ban for Independence Day in future years.

“If we have any issues whatsoever, we won’t do it again,” Seiler explained. “If somebody gets disorderly, gets out of control, gets intoxicated, then we’re going to have to revisit the policy.”

Fort Lauderdale beach-goers may drink alcohol out of plastic or paper containers today. No cans or glass bottles will be allowed on the beach.