Former Broward Teacher's Union Boss Facing New Criminal Charges

Aug 10, 2015

Former Broward County teacher's union boss Pat Santeramo is facing new criminal charges that he took money.
Credit Georgia Guercio / Wikipedia

The former head of the Broward Teacher’s Union is facing new criminal charges.

Pat Santeramo has been charged with mail fraud for misappropriating more than $35,000.

Investigators say Santeramo took money intended for teacher training, speakers or special projects and instead paid himself and another union employee.

He could serve up to 20 years in prison for each of the two charges.

His attorney says Santeramo will fight the charges.

It's just the latest criminal charges for the former union boss.

Santeramo previously pled not guilty to charges he misappropriated more than three hundred thousand dollars in union money and took contractor kickbacks.

Santeramo is a former elementary school teacher and led the union from 2001 until he resigned in 2011.