Floridians Get More Money For Mortgage Assistance

Jan 28, 2013

Attorney General Pam Bondi announces $60 million from a national mortgage settlement is now available for additional assistance to Floridians.
Credit Jordan Michael/WLRN

An additional $60 million in assistance from a national mortgage settlement is now available to Floridians who lost their homes due to unfair foreclosure practices.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced how the money will be used.

“It includes $35-million for down payment assistance, $10-million for housing counseling, $5-million to the state courts because we know how backed up they are to help with the foreclosure crisis,” Bondi says, “and $5-million to local legal aid programs.”

Some money is also going to Bondi’s office for reimbursement and ongoing foreclosure relief efforts.

Florida won an $8-billion settlement with the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers. So far, almost 50-thousand Floridians have received an average of $73-thousand each.

Bondi is urging those who think they deserve compensation to contact her office.

She says thousands of Floridians that are eligible for payments haven’t responded to her office's letters and calls.