The Florida Roundup: Teens Charged With Trespassing On Ray Allen's Property

Aug 22, 2014

Ray Allen's lawyer criticized the Coral Gables police for treating the trespassing as a mere 'prank.'
Credit Miami Herald File

A Coral Gables woman found seven strangers standing in her bedroom in the middle of the night. After she screams, they run. The police do not arrest them. 

Some question the government's response after a group of Hispanic teenagers snuck into the home of former Miami Heat player Ray Allen.

In the midst of heated discussions about race and policing because of events in Ferguson, Mo., the Coral Gables incident highlights the difficulty in distinguishing between prosecutorial discretion and discrimination. Days later, the teenagers were charged with trespassing. 

Primary voting starts Tuesday with a slate of intra-party contests from attorney general to judges and school board members to local referendums. Though the state's highest executive office of governor is included in the bunch, few think there's much contest there in the primaries.

Join host Tom Hudson as he speaks with panelists Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times; Kelli Kennedy of the Associated Press; Marc Caputo, Julie Brown and Monique Madan of the Miami Herald; Andrew Skerritt of The Root and Lenese Herbert of Howard University School of Law. 

Editor's note: Technical difficulties prevented us from posting a recording of this program online.