The Florida Roundup: How Redistricting Impacts Voters

Aug 8, 2014

The redistricting process began Thursday in Tallahassee.
Credit Florida House of Representatives /


  This week on the Florida Roundup: Florida lawmakers race the clock to fix voting maps recently ruled unconstitutional. What could this mean for Sunshine State voters heading into the 2014 Elections?

Join guest host Christine DiMattei and a panel of the region’s top journalists for a conversation about how redistricting impacts Florida voters.

Some of the other stories we’ll be addressing:

  • One year after the death of teenager Israel "Reefa" Hernandez, we're taking closer look at tasers and how police are using them.
  • Yet another South Florida judge delivers a ruling against the state's ban on gay marriage. How could that affect the future of marriage equality here?
  • "Back to school" will be very different this year for most young people.  What students, parents and teachers need to know.

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