Florida Roundup: Health Care And Budget Plan Gaps

Apr 24, 2015

More on our series into the health coverage gap is at WLRN.org/healthgap.
Credit Andrew Bosch / Miami Herald

  On the Florida Roundup, here are the week's topics we discuss.

Health Coverage Gap

About 850,000 Floridians live in the health coverage gap -- they don't earn enough for subsidies through the Affordable Care Act but they don't qualify for Medicaid. However, they would benefit from Medicaid expansion if it was enacted in the state.  Lawmakers haven't come to an agreement.

This barrier to care means they have to look for low-cost alternatives. In our Falling Into The Gap series with the Miami Herald, we explore what life is like for people in the health gap.

Budget Standoff In Florida Legislature

Florida House and Senate leaders held special meetings in their chambers to review Medicaid expansion in the budget. But legislators are not closer to an agreement before the session ends. 


Fifteen years ago this week, a young Elian Gonzalez was seized from Miami relatives to be taken to Cuba and reside with his father. The case divided South Floridians then and reflects differences in U.S - Cuba relations now. We speak with Terry Spencer who was outside the home when the raid happened.

Our host Tom Hudson is joined by Kathleen McGrory, Amy Driscoll, Daniel Chang of the Miami Herald, Terry Spencer from the Associated Press, Tim Padgett, Wilson Sayre and John O'Connor of WLRN.

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