Florida Roundup: Floridians Wait The Longest To Vote

Oct 3, 2014

Credit Vaguely Artistic / Flickr/Creative Commons


On The Florida Roundup, review of voting in the 2012 election finds Florida voters waited in line far longer than any other state by more than a half hour. Why? And what’s being done to address it?

Documents released with a new book Back Channel to Cuba show the U.S. considered attacking Cuba in the mid-1970s after secret meetings trying to normalize U.S. Cuban relations failed after Cuba sent troops to Africa. We talk to the author William LeoGrande from American University.

Ahead of next week’s King Tide, local efforts get some national attention. But will that attention turn into action?

Our host Tom Hudson is joined by journalists Laura Wides-Muñoz from the Associated Press, Sergio Bustos and Jenny Staletovich of the Miami Herald, Luisa Yanez of the Miami Herald editorial board and Frances Robles from the New York Times. 

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