The Florida Roundup Digs Into Real Estate, Mistreating Wildlife And A City Vs. Facebook

Aug 10, 2017

This week, a tale of two housing markets in South Florida, how we protect our wildlife and the case of Coral Gables versus Facebook over its critics on social media. 

Single family homes continue to rise in value across the region as do existing condos and townhomes. The median prices for each of those were up 8 percent in May compared to a year ago. 

On the other hand, condo flippers in Miami are falling flat as prices for new units drop. What’s holding back prices of some new condos while the rest of the housing market seems to be just fine? 

Guests: Brian Bandell, reporter for the South Florida Business Journal; Paul Owers, reporter for The Sun-Sentinel 

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The case of a shark-dragging viral video is just the latest example of humans mistreating Florida wildlife. From the disappearing conch to the brutal dragging of a shark behind a fishing boat, what more should be done to protect the wild things in our own backyards? 

Guests: Jenny Staletovich, environmental reporter for The Miami Herald 

Extra reading:

Coral Gables sued Facebook trying to find out who has been criticizing the city over too many vacancies in the police department

Guests: Lance Dixon, reporter with The Miami Herald; Jessica Lipscomb, reporter with Miami New Times

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