Florida Investigates Possible Voter Registration Fraud By Republican Party Vendor

Oct 8, 2012

The state is investigating a Virginia-based company for possible voter registration fraud in Florida.

Strategic Allied Consulting was hired by the Republican Party of Florida to register voters ahead of the November election.

The Florida Division of Elections is concerned about a series of suspicious registration forms submitted by Strategic Allied.

Problems included incomplete forms and voters who listed businesses as their home address. At least one newly registered voter is deceased.

Election supervisors in a number of Florida counties received the forms, says Gretl Plessinger with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

“As is common, we reviewed the complaint for criminal predicate,” Plessinger says, “and it was determined that an investigation was warranted. So the investigation has begun.”

Both the Republican Party of Florida and the Republican National Committee cut ties with Strategic Allied Consulting as soon as the fraud allegations surfaced.

The state party has filed its own fraud complaint against Strategic Allied, and Republican parties in other states have also stopped doing business with the company.

A statement on the company website says Strategic Allied and its affiliates have registered more than 500,000 voters in at least forty states during the past eight years using more than 4,000 trained contractors.

It also says it registers voters for all parties and is cooperating with elections supervisors to uncover any unethical or illegal activity in Florida.