Florida Flops Are Big Winners On Late-Night TV

Feb 27, 2014

We've always known Florida is a weird place, but now the rest of the nation seems to be catching on -- and they think we're funny.

Comedian Seth Meyers premiered a new segment called Fake or Florida on his show "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Meyers read news stories to his contestants, who had to guess whether the stories were fake or actually happened in Florida. Meyers prefaced the segment by saying whenever he hears weird news, the setting is always Florida.

Well, ain't that the truth? Just see our roundup of last year's weirdest Florida events.

Just following @_FloridaMan on Twitter will show you how weird our news gets. This week someone from Florida didn't know cocaine was illegal and a blind nudist sued her condo over a heavy dog. What does that even mean? #WTFlorida??

Tampa Bay Times reporter Craig Pittman is also a good source for weird Florida news.

Do you hear a lot of Weird Florida news? What's your source?

Below, watch a clip of the Comedy Central show "@midnight," which makes a game from the @_FloridaMan Twitter account.

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