Florida Amendments: Why There's No Amendment 7

Oct 26, 2012

Don't worry if Amendment 7 isn't on your ballot, because it doesn't exist.
Credit Morten Wulff/ Flickr

For those of you currently mulling over your absentee ballot or preparing to head over to the polls this coming week, don't be alarmed when you get to the Constitutional amendments on your ballot.

You will notice that there are amendments listed one through twelve-- but there's no Amendment 7.

 No worries, though. Your ballot isn't defective, there just is no Amendment 7 this year.

 This is why:

 A few months ago, a coalition of teachers and civil rights groups sued the state over a proposed ballot measure (then Amendment 7) that would remove an existing ban in our Constitution that prohibits the state from outright funding religious groups.

  These opponents were successful in fighting what was then Amendment 7 on the basis that part of the ballot summary was misleading to voters.

  In effect, Amendment 7 was thrown out -- taken off of Florida's ballot.

  Just a little after that defeat, however, State Attorney General Pam Bondi rewrote the amendment per the suggestion from the judge that threw it out. That rewrite is what is now known as Amendment 8.

  You can listen to our explanation of Amendment 8 here.  For our explanation of the 11 Amendments you can click here.

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