Fifty Years Ago, Miami Made Muhammad Ali

Feb 28, 2014

Before basketball, the sport to behold in Miami was boxing. That love of sport captured the imagination well beyond the sunny sands and palm trees. Fifty years ago this week, Charles "Sonny" Liston fought Cassius Clay for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The beloved 22-year-old boxer from the 5th St. Gym stepped into this fight as Cassius Clay and people say he emerged as Muhammad Ali.

Go back in time, put on your best outfit and take your place beside the ring:

Ramiro Ortiz, now the President of HistoryMiami, once wanted to become a boxer, instead he made money:

At the weigh-in for the fight, Cassius Clay employed his eye and ear for publicity and psychological tactics to scare his opponent:

Watch the whole fight: