5:11 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

FAU Calls On Techies And Entrepreneurs To Improve Cyber Security

The Technology Business Incubator is teaming up with the Center for Cryptology and Information Security to call develop programs with South Florida entrepreneurs.
Credit FAU

Florida Atlantic University has started a collaborative project to bring South Florida tech entrepreneurs' businesses to life.

The university's Technology Business Incubator at Research Park is joining forces with the Center for Cryptology and Information Security to launch the project. Income tax fraud and identity theft have become huge security problems in South Florida.

Andrew Duffell, president and CEO of Research Park, says the plan is to call on local entrepreneurs to bring ideas to the university and develop businesses.

The Incubator and the Center have put out calls to South Florida IT professionals to apply and become involved.

"This region is a good place to develop tech companies," says Duffell. "You don't have to leave to develop those ideas. You can get funding for really good ideas and good concepts."