Expert Says Romney's Bad Latino Numbers Could Cost Him Swing States, Election

Nov 5, 2012

Mitt Romney could lose this election because of the Latino vote, a pollster says.
Credit Austen Hufford /Flickr

Any expert will tell you that this election comes down to a few swing states, including Florida.

However, within those key swing states is the all-powerful Latino vote, and experts say that this voting population could very likely cost Mitt Romney the election.

The Hill reports,

Mitt Romney hasn't improved his standing with Hispanic voters — and that could cost him as many as four key states if Hispanic turnout is high, according to a leading Latino pollster. President Obama leads Romney by 72 to 22 percent with Hispanic registered voters, according to the latest tracking poll by Latino Decisions. That marks an improvement for Obama and a dip for Romney since the tracking poll began 11 weeks ago. In August, Obama's lead was 65 to 26 percent. "With 11 weeks of tracking, we are headed towards a record level of Latino votes for a Democratic presidential candidate," said University of Washington Professor Matt Barreto, who runs the poll, in a statement. "If Latinos turnout at the high rates we are expecting, they could deliver Nevada, Colorado, Florida and Virginia to Obama."

While in Miami-Dade the Latino population might lean Republican, in the rest of the state (and the rest of the country) this isn't the case.  In fact, the Latino vote in  Nevada, Colorado, Florida and Virginia could also possibly hurt Romney, Barreto says. Florida is considered a must-win for Romney, as well as Virginia.