Episode 4: Chickens In South Florida

Feb 18, 2010

There are some people who think that if a parrot is considered a pet, then a chicken should be as well.  They keep a small number of “domestic chickens” in their yards.

Domestic chickens are a growing national trend.  Chickens in residential areas are on the rise (see links below), along with a general interest in “urban farming” or farming in non-traditional areas like neighborhoods, vacant city lots, and traffic medians.

More South Floridians are keeping chickens for pets, food, or both. Bob Bishop of Grif’s Western in Davie says sales of chicken feed tripled over six months.  He says that many of his customers are “everyday people” who keep one or two chickens in their yard.

Under the Sun contributor Rick Stone talked to some of these customers– the Hromada family of Pompano Beach.  They keep fifteen chickens in their house.  Yes, that’s right. These chickens live inside of their home.  In order to avoid animal authorities, the Hromadas have created a system of living with their chickens that works for them. The chickens are their pets and they’d like to keep it that way.  Or at least some of the Hromadas would… Listen to the story on the player at the top of the post.