Episode 2: End Of The Line

Mar 6, 2009

Episode 2 of Under the Sun explores the theme of South Florida as the “End of the Line.”

We bring you an audio postcard from Alabama Jack’s, a legendary bar and restaurant at the tip of the U.S. mainland.  Mitchell Kaplan of Books & Books talks with author Les Standiford about Henry Flagler’s unflagging desire to build a railroad to Key West.

You’ll hear about a public speaking coach for inmates at the Everglades Correctional Institute.  And you’ll find out if Kenny Malone and Trina Sargalski can charm the doorman and make it past the velvet rope at a Miami nightclub.

Have you ever donated old clothes to a thrift shop?  Your castoffs may have become part of the striking sculptures of Guerra de la Paz.  Hear the story of a mother who lost her home to foreclosure, and the renegade group that helped her family find refuge in a foreclosed home.

Visit the retired cats of Palm Meow.  Listen in on the last days of the Orange Bowl.

Hear about how an international serial killer’s fondness for Miami Vice led to his capture in South Beach.  And finally, in this episode’s “What’s Up With South Florida?”: South Florida’s own bridge to nowhere.