Edward the VIII - Britian's Nazi King Revealed on WLRN-TV

Sep 11, 2014

Edward VIII - The Nazi King (8 pm)

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (King Edward VIII and his wife the former Wallis Simpson) visit Adolf Hitler at the Berghof on October 22, 1937.

Was a member of the British royal family in cahoots with the Nazis? Recently declassified FBI files expose a surprising twist in the legacy of Edward VIII. In 1941, President Roosevelt had the Duke of Windsor investigated for suspicion of sympathizing with Nazi Germany. What the investigation found was an astonishing plot to put Edward VIII on Britain's throne as Hitlers Nazi puppet. Under different circumstances, could this relationship have changed history as we know it?

Queen Victoria's Children - Princes will be Princes (9 pm)

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert shared a passionate marriage. Behind closed doors, royal domestic life often seemed like a battlefield.   This final episode focuses on Victoria's relationship with her sons and how, after Albert's death, they struggled to live up to his model of purity.