Don't Let Go Doc Martin! Decisions, Decisions. Find out what happens on WLRN-TV

Feb 4, 2015

Doc Martin - Don't Let Go (8 pm)

Kids at the school are getting sick - could it have something to do with the caretaker's increasingly erratic behavior? PC Penhale realizes that he is going to have to change his ways if he is to convince Maggie to stay in Port Wenn. Louisa and Martin seem unable to agree on anything, leading her to make a devastating decision.

Midsomer Murders: Bantling Boy (9 pm)

Detectives Barnaby and Scott enter the world of horseracing when the trainer of thoroughbred Bantling Boy is battered to death. Bruce Hartley was an alcoholic who had vowed to expose the reason why his father bequeathed the horse to four Midsomer villagers. The other members of the syndicate come under suspicion, but the killing continues - then Bantling Boy falls ill. The detectives must unravel secrets hidden at the aristocratic Bantling Hall to find the killer.