As The Dolphins And Fans Wait For Results On Tannehill's Injury, Hope Is Fading

Aug 3, 2017

The Miami Dolphins are still waiting for Ryan Tannehill's MRI tests to come back. Things don't look good. According to Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, the Dolphin's quarterback has hyperextended his left knee, the same he injured last year.  

Salguero also says that there's the possibility that Tannehill may have suffered poster cruciate ligament damage. 

There's still a chance that surgery won't be needed, but Tannehill could be out for up to eight weeks. The team is still bracing for the worst case scenario, a torn ACL, which means the end of his season. Adam Beasely reports on the Fins for the Miami Herald. He talked to us before the injury about what the team will have to do to be competitive. 

Miami is coming off a 10-6 season and a rare playoff appearance. Within the team there's a lot of expectation because this is the second year for head coach Adam Gase. Beasley pointed out that Las Vegas oddsmakers barely have the Dolphins as a .500 team. 

But that's not the case here. Writers, fans and obviously the team are excited about the possibilities. And we all learned late last year that much of that will ride on Tannehill's success. Which is why fans are already clamoring on social media for a replacement. 

Last season Tannehill went down in week 14  against the Arizona Cardinals. He suffered a torn ACL. He opted not to get  surgery during the off-season and instead chose the rehabilitation route. He came back this year wearing a brace.

During Thursday's practice, reports are Tannehill was running toward the sideline on a play and took an awkward step. He was on the ground for 15 seconds before getting up and then walking gingerly to the locker room.

According to the Miami Herald, the team isn't commenting on Tannehill's condition and has instructed players not to discuss the injury with reporters. 

Matt Moore, who finished the season 2-1 last year in Tannehill's absence, is the back-up. But people are already talking about which quarterback is available to sign. The name floating right now is former San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick. 

Right now, like many fans, I'm glued to Twitter to hear what happens next.