Dispatch: The Server And The Cat

Oct 18, 2012

During the previous debate, our Dispatches from the Swing State team met an interesting character in a Key West pub -- a local server named Patti Wilde who is originally from Cincinnati and is something of a local celebrity.

Or, as she explains it, "I mean, I used to be. I've been here 30 years so they go, 'oh, Cincinnati Patti's here.' But now they don't do that anymore. They go, 'Larry!'"

"Larry" is Patti Wilde's cat -- a very large cat that sits calmly on the bar stool wherever she goes.

Wilde says she's not much for politics, but she'll be voting for President Obama in November. She likes that he passed Obamacare, that he repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell...

She continues with, "He said, 'I'm going to get Bin Laden.' Guess what? He got him! I think he's done amazing things. I just believe in him...and I believe in my cat Larry."

Wilde did not mention if she'd be writing Larry in for any elected positions.