The curious case of Mr. Bean as Det. Jules Maigret

May 1, 2018

9pm MAIGRET - 1950s crime drama about French detective Jules Maigret, based on the books by Georges Simenon and starring Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean). 

MAIGRET SETS A TRAP - Maigret comes under pressure from his superiors and the press to catch a serial killer of women with no common feature except their hair. Making no progress Maigret sets a trap using undercover police women. The trap yields a clue to a suspect with a possessive wife and mother but a sixth murder while his suspect is in custody throws doubt on Maigret's theory and his superiors decide to replace him as investigator of the case.

The episodes were filmed on location in Budapest, Hungary, which stands in for 1950s Paris. Rowan Atkinson, who plays Jules Maigret, is a big fan of the books, saying, "I have been a devourer of the Maigret novels for many years and I'm very much looking forward to playing such an intriguing character, at work in Paris, during a fascinating period in its history."