Cold Warriors: Wolves & Buffalo on Nature tonight on WLRN-TV

Sep 26, 2014

Nature - Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo (8 pm)

Witness the life-and-death relationship of wolves and buffalo in Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park. Buffalo and wolves still engage in epic life and death dramas across in Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park. By getting to know a specific pack of wolves and the individuals that make up the pack, we get a sense of how these two animal species live together in what seems like a forgotten corner of the world.

Wild Australasia: Island Arks (9 pm)

The seas around Australia contain exotic islands, from tropical New Guinea to icy New Zealand, each with its own stunning landscapes and unique wildlife.

Wild! Cry of the Wolves (10 pm)

The river Jordan runs in deep valleys through this mountainous landscape, providing shelter for a variety of animals that in turn feed the wolves. We follow the story of one particular pair of wolves as they meet and start a family, the beginnings of a new pack.